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Make March your month of Momentum


..... so that you can make the most out of your future moments.


Do you feel ready to make the most out of March? March is the month for planting all the seeds needed for you to bloom when summer arrives. It is time.

I have a question for you; How will this summer be - if you make March the month you upgrade your life, either through a membership program, a mentorship program or a momentum program - or by increasing your intake of MetaPWR?

One thing for sure, March is full of M’s………

I woke up this morning with a sense of newness in my system, and it struck me; The state that I’m experiencing right now is the result of choices I made last month. I feel more abundant and alive than ever before.

It was in early February I decided to receive and explore a new abundance alignment process. I just felt it coming through and knew it was time to make it happen. So I made a decision to calibrate to the frequency of unlimited abundance and extraordinary wealth, to the extent that I can handle energetically without breaking or everything falling apart around me. What I experienced is so profound and changing me from the inside out, and it has created truly abundant results in my life.

  • We finally sold a property!
  • Our Airbnb cabin is almost fully booked for the season although the price level is high.
  • All the items that I’ve been trying to sell online ( were sold within a short time.
  • Good news arrived in my inbox, in text messages and in my dm’s.
  • Solutions showed up.
  • Support showed up.
  • Money came in - in unexpected ways.
  • My doTERRA business flourished.
  • A new level of 1:1 clients showed up.  

I could go on and on…….. expansion in all areas. And yes, also some uncomfortable contractions, a lot of letting go, clearing and healing. What I do know; this moment month makes the upcoming summer look and feel different than if I had not stepped up.

And as I am sitting here, I now can feel how the frequency of abundance feels in my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my spiritual body. I know how it feels in my energy centers, my chakras, and in my energy field. I know how it feels in my kidneys, liver, stomach, lungs and heart.

And the power of all it all, lies in this; When you know how the frequency of abundance feels, then you know when you are not in an abundant frequency. And you can course correct before life starts to respond to your lack/scarcity frequency. It is wildly empowering and liberating.

I would like to invite you to go through the same process with me. The first group I am leading through this process is Norwegian. And I may open it up to an English version later. It is called Abundance + and you will find info below.

One thing that I’ve noticed in myself and in my clients, is the energy of overwhelm. And what I’ve realized is; feeling overwhelmed is a sign that you’re not in an abundant frequency. And it is a sign that it’s time to increase your energetic capacity to be more, experience more and to hold more.

So when I present to you my menu of memberships, mentorships and momentum programs - it is for you to exit overwhelm and enter abundance. Let me present to you all the abundant ways to work with me.

March Menu of 10 ways to work with me;

  1. Inspira membership (Norwegian only)
  2. Mini-membership (Norwegian only)
  3. Full Mentorship membership (Norwegian only)
  4. Abundance + breakthrough program (Norwegian only)
  5. Inspira + membership for doTERRA customers (Norwegian only)
  6. Business Alignment session (English + Norwegian)
  7. Inspira Soul Sessions (English + Norwegian)
  8. Momentum coaching program (1:1)
  9. Enroll as a  doTERRA customer in my network
  10. Enroll as a doTERRA leader/entrepreneur/affiliate in my network

Yes it is a lot of different options, and if you feel called to received codes from me I am 100% certain you will find something that resonates.

I do have MANY codes in my energy field. A code is when you have experienced something and you have integrated it as wisdom, and it is something you are diffusing for people to pick up when they are in your field.

What are my codes? I have many, and some of them may be very interesting to you; 

  • How to become a PD in doTERRA in less than 2 years 
  • How to instantly heal yourself from chronic disease
  • How to clear blocks, restrictions and limitations and always say yes to next level
  • How to create multiple successful 6-7 figure businesses
  • How to spend your time in corporate wisely and at the same time build your dream
  • How to leave corporate and become an entrepreneur, and make more money than in your corporate job
  • How to no longer be drained and depleted and instead having healthy energetic boundaries and a solid energetic hygiene (maybe my hardest lesson to learn)
  • How to take radically responsibility for your own life and results


Codes are not something you can copy from others or learn mentally. Whenever you work with someone, you pick up on their codes. So if you do an abundance program with someone that has not already created more than you want to create, you receive codes that may limit you. And you may end up creating an illusion - and get stuck in a mental loop of positive thinking, high vibes - but no abundant real life result.

Whenever I look for a mentor or a coach, I am looking for someone that is already beyond where I want to go. When you learn to play this game of life, you no longer look at the price or the content of the program - you look at “how do they live their life and what results are they already creating?”

You look for the codes.

Below you will find links for the above if you want to make March your momentum month.

And remember, spring equinox is here this month. Light is increasing and the future is bright!






Inspira medlemskap (100kr):


Inspira mini-medlemskap (500kr)


Inspira Mentorship medlemskap (2500kr):


Abundance +


Inspira + (gratis for mine doTERRA kunder)

Dersom du er kunde, opprett LRP med full MetaPWR pakke og du er kvalifisert. Dersom du ikke er kunde; bli kunde her og få 25% rabatt; Bruker du denne linken får du en pakke med pulveret for reversering biologisk alder med på kjøpet gratis (verdi 1200kr), den legges til automatisk.


Business Alignment session (English + Norwegian)


Inspira Soul Sessions (English + Norwegian)


Momentum coaching program (1:1)


Enroll as a  doTERRA customer in my network: Bli kunde og få 25% rabatt; Bruker du denne linken får du en pakke med pulveret for reversering biologisk alder med på kjøpet gratis (verdi 1200kr), den legges til automatisk. Dersom du ønsker å kjøpe noe annet, send meg en melding så fikser jeg ny link. 


Enroll as a doTERRA leader/entrepreneur/affiliate in my network. Bruker du denne linken får du en pakke med pulveret for reversering biologisk alder med på kjøpet gratis (verdi 1200kr), den legges til automatisk. Dersom du ønsker å kjøpe noe annet, send meg en melding så fikser jeg ny link.