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Henriette unfiltered #3 - Stop gaslighting your own intuition


A “therapy shopper” jumped into my space, spent thousands of euros on my offerings in less than 2 weeks, love-bombed me……. and then when my heart felt safe and open - she “did her thing”. 

You see, she did not get what she came for. I was offering 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching and text support to quicken her evolution. However, she wanted something else. And when she realized after 2 weeks that my energy is not for sale to the highest bidder, my boundaries are clear and that you really can not play with me - she got pissed off. And she did her thing.

But “her thing” doesn't work on me. No more. 

So then, I did “my thing”. This time it was really efficient and I only had 24 hours of “downtime” and then went on with my life. And 48 hours later I was back in power and ready to do my work. 

So what's “her thing” and what's “my thing”? I would love to share this with you. 

Teaching through real life stories, when the experience still is fresh - works really well for me. It is not only beneficial for the student, but also for me personally. It deepens my understanding, increases not only my awareness but also my consciousness around the theme - so that I can choose differently next time a similar situation shows up - and therefore create a different result. 

Because “next time” is coming. It is called life. And if I want to be in service to as many people as possible, I have to understand how to be in “right relationship” with others energetically. 

Let's talk about love-bombing, people pleasing and energy attacks. How to recognize what’s happening, how to navigate through it and how to avoid it from happening next time - or reduce the impact it has on you. 

A true real life story is unfolding in real time. Join me if this sparks your curiosity and your passion to learn more. 





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