Liability Release & Waiver  

This is a waiver that all participants on any online program/course/event hosted by Henriette Kalgraff AS must agree upon prior to purchase. By clicking "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this page" you hereby agree to the following; 

I, the participant, hereby agree to the following by accepting this Waiver of Liability, Consent, and Release Agreement, agree to the following in connection with my participation in any online programs, course, masterclasses and events hosted by Henriette Kalgraff (the “Event”).:




I understand that all materials used in this Event are confidential and proprietary in nature and other than for my own personal use, I will have no future right to these materials or processes in any way without express training, written permission, and licensing by Henriette Kalgraff AS.

I explicitly agree not to teach any practices, lessons, or information in general that I experience/learn during my participation in the Event without written consent and agreement from Henriette Kalgraff AS. I agree to not post on any public sites, electronically or physically, that I was trained and/or approved/certified to teach in the modalities taught by Henriette Kalgraff AS unless I was given specific authorization to do so.

I understand that I am not allowed to record any video sessions of the Event from any of my electronic devices without explicit written and/or verbal consent from Henriette Kalgraff AS. If I am given permission to record a session, I understand that I am not allowed to post any clips, stills, or any content in general from said recording on any social media sites or websites, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TicTok, and any personal or public web pages.

The sessions that I participate in are private and confidential and attendance is only allowed by the Event members who have paid tuition to participate in the Event. I understand that I am not allowed to share any private login details for any of the Event sessions with any individuals who have not paid for the Event themselves and are still included in the Event - this includes inviting non-paid attendees to share a computer screen with me during the sessions.

If the Event includes a private Facebook group, I understand that I am not allowed to share the private Facebook group with any individuals who are not associated with the Event. If it is found that I record sessions, share said recordings with others, share any call links or my screen with individuals who are not part of the Event, or share the private Facebook group, Henriette Kalgraff AS will release me from the Event and can pursue legal action. I understand that if legal action is pursued I am liable for all legal expenses associated with any claims.



I understand that all payment commitments I make to the Event are non-refundable. By signing this agreement, I’m voluntarily agreeing to pay the full amount of the Event regardless if I participate in the Event. 


3. SPAM:

I agree not to use the Event to grow my personal business and therefore agree to not solicit my business to any other participants in the Event or associated Events. I explicitly agree not to solicit Event participants as clients and I agree not to form any outside groups with Event participants without the written consent.
I understand that I am strictly prohibited from using this Event for illegal spam activities, including gathering email addresses and personal information from others.